World sunseeds production 2017/18 MY to decrease by 1 MMT – Oil World – APK-Inform

Oil World analysts reported, that world production of sunseeds 2017/18 will decrease less significantly than previously thought - by about 1-1.1 MMT y/y to 48.98 MMT. The main decrease in the overall indicator will be observed at the expense of key oilseed producers - Russia and Ukraine - to 11.2 (11.7) MMT and 13.2 (15.1) MMT, respectively. Experts focus on the significant backlog of sunflower seed harvesting in Russia, which increases the risk that a significant part of the crop may not be harvested before the wintering. "This situation potentially threatens with crop losses and a decrease in harvesting areas. At this stage, the yield of the Russian oilseed shows good results, only 2-3% below the record level of the previous year, but the delay in harvesting can lead to a downward adjustment of this indicator, "experts say. At the same time, the increase in the production of sunflower seeds is expected in the EU-28 - 9.5 (8.54) MMT, Argentina - 3.8 (3.3) MMT, China - 2.8 (2.75 ) MMT and Turkey - 1.7 (1.47) MMT. World processing of sunflower seeds in 2017/18 MY will be reduced to 44 (44.76) MMT, final stocks - up to 3.75 (3.8) MMT.

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